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DC power supply solutions for energy conservation principle

Issuing time:2015-07-21
SHENZHEN Branch Power Technology Co., Ltd.-DC power supply solutions for energy conservation principle

Saving DC power supply There are two ways, first and most direct way is to enhance energy efficiency rectifier. From the emergence of the switching power supply up to now, has been the direction of the efforts of all the power of people to improve from the initial 80% to now more than 90%, more than the past year, there have been more than 96% efficiency of the rectifier. I believe that with the further decline in the cost of mature devices and technologies, will soon be large-scale application. Another way of saving switching power supply, in case of the rectifier efficiency curve is fixed, upgrade system modules through hibernation actual productivity. In 50A module, for example, load 10A, the efficiency of 87% -88% load 40A, the efficiency of over 93% between the two energy savings of more than 5%.

 Implementation rectifier dormancy is: by monitoring unit automatically detects the load current size, according to the need to open the rectifier, so that additional modules were dormant, in order to achieve energy savings. The method of switching power supply energy-saving sleep the last two years started, the three major telecom operators to cash net hundreds of thousands of old equipment does not have this feature. Whether for energy saving and transform what principle is our concern, our proposal is the principle of cost recovery and social benefits of the combination of transformation.

 The energy saving data obtained under different load rate site load of less than 25% of the very transformation of value, about one-year payback, and energy-saving effect is very obvious; a load rate of 25% to 40% of the site can under the circumstances Select transformation, it normally takes about two years to recover the cost, at more funding may be made, after all, can get social benefits; load rate of more than 40% of the site is not recommended transformation, because energy-saving effect is relatively small, relatively long payback period .

 By the end of 2010, the three existing network operators station cumulative number nearly 700,000, there is the transformation of the meaning of sites is 50 million units, even after saving transformation 2kWh each site every day, 500,000 base stations can save energy 1,000,000 kWh per day, per year energy-saving 365 million kWh, with high economic value and social benefits.

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