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Selection Frequency Power Solutions

Issuing time:2015-07-14
SHENZHEN Branch Power Technology Co., Ltd.-Selection Frequency Power Solutions

Frequency Power Description:

   ◇ power inverter (AC POWER ANDOURCE) is the electricity through power conversion circuit into a precision power supply required voltage and frequency. Because the world is not uniform grid index, the production of export products need to simulate grid conditions in different countries, testing a variety of electrical products export. A second frequency generator used in the past, but the power consumption, noise, poor stability. Frequency power supply can provide world standard grid voltage and frequency. Output voltage, frequency stepless digital adjustable, suitable for export electrical products voltage, frequency aging test. Power inverter can be used as power supply equipment imported 60HZ.

   Frequency Power Features:

◇ power inverter using sinusoidal pulse width modulation PWAND design, imported Mitsubishi 1GBT push. Rapid reaction, in addition to the 100% load / load, voltage regulator response time is within 2ANDAND. Waveform pure, high frequency stability, does not produce magnetic interference (EANDI, EANDC). Frequency power is not only research and laboratory, the best power metering chamber is EAND / EANDC / standard power safety test.

◇ variable frequency power supply with load adaptability, high efficiency, good stability, good output waveform quality, easy operation, small size, light weight characteristics. For a different type of power around the world, users can simulate not only the voltage and frequency all over the world (40 ~ 70Hz) for testing applications; which according to the national military standard special frequency power supply also can support 400Hz, 1000HZ frequency of national defense and military detection, avionics and navigation, communications and other applications.

   Optional variable frequency power supply principle and special custom

(A) the purchase of variable frequency power supply is best to first understand the nature of the load you are going to use, it is now seen in the form of five load: 1 resistive load, 2, 3 inductive load, capacitive load: 4, rectifier load; 5, mixed load; 6, electric power can be fed back load. Customers in the choice of power supply to the load of different options depending on the nature of power capacity.

(B) power inverter capacity selection of the company's series of power for general load types without special requirements, can be adapted to the resistance, inductive, capacitive, rectification and mixed load. Technical data sample is given in the nominal state, resistive load testing at rated conditions, supply long-term operation. But taking into account fluctuations in the load current crest factor grid voltage, short-time overload and other factors, the choice of power supply capacity, should leave appropriate margin, we recommend the following:

(1) resistive load: power capacity = 1.1 × load power

(2) a sense resistor or RC load: power capacity = 1.1 × load apparent power

(3) Motor load: The motor load straight start, starting impact current of about 5 to 7 times the rated current, the starting time is usually within 2 seconds. This series of power two seconds overload 2 times, beyond this range, the power will overload protection. Therefore, considering the starting capacity, it is recommended: direct starter motors class load, power supply capacity should be 3 times the power of the motor. Otherwise soft start taking measures, or ordering special instructions.

(4) rectifier load: the input circuit includes a rectifier diode (or thyristor) and filter capacitors, if the input circuit without soft starter, the closing moments of the input switch, load can be regarded as a short circuit, it will have a significant impact on current, cause power overcurrent protection. If you often have large starting inrush current to the load circuit will also adversely affect, therefore, it recommended that: the user's input rectifier load circuit shall soft start measures to limit the starting current. This series of power overcurrent threshold of about 4 to 5 times the rated withstand time is about IO ms, in this context the impact of current, supply can withstand. Since the rectifier load current is pulsed current, the current crest factor of up to 3-3.5 times, so the power supply output voltage waveform and the long run contribute to have a certain influence, the impact is determined by the load current crest factor, generally, when the load current crest factor> 2, the power supply capacity press Select:

               Load current crest factor

                   Power capacity = ----------------- × load apparent power



If the rectifier load voltage waveform and other higher load mix, then the power supply margin should increase based on the above.

(5) mixed load follow a comprehensive selection of different load percentage (6) can be fed power loads, such as reversible motor, speed motor load, the company's AF series of power need to add special equipment, it can be reversed when the motor suddenly when changing direction, due to the internal counter electromotive force will have a greater form easily damaged power back electromotive force, when the motor Optional power supply circuit should have relief device, the customer must be explained in particular when ordering.

The power supply voltage, frequency

If you need to change the power supply voltage or special requirements for the use area, specify when ordering: In addition to part of the product, the supply voltage and the voltage frequency in the factory 40HZ-140 HZ is AC220V,.

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